Here at Greenwood, we like to think of "worship" as an outward reflection and response to the grace that God has given to us through His son Jesus Christ.

One of the ways we do this, is through music.  The music you'll hear at Greenwood is going to be a "blended" sound.  What we mean by that is, that on any given Sunday, you'll hear a mix of today's Christian music (Contemporary, Praise and Worship, Southern Gospel, Gospel...etc), and hymns.  We believe that there is a treasure trove of God-breathed songs in the world, and to limit a music ministry to one style is a travesty and opportunity missed for outreach through song.

We have a Praise Team, which consist of a Praise Band, made up of guitars, drums, piano, keyboard and bass. The Praise Team also includes our vocalists, which assist in leading the congregation in worship as well as solo specials.

We have a wonderful choir, that sings a special anthem every Sunday and also does a fantastic job of sharing special programs during Easter and Christmas with music and drama.

Our Media Team is also an important part of this Ministry.  They have a vital role in making sure that the sound you hear is crisp and clear and they do a great job!

The Music Ministry at Greenwood is devoted to sharing the love of Christ through music.   We believe that everything we do on the stage is meant to bring glory to God.