God demonstrated his love for us by sending His Son to rescue us. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God is love and His love for us is without limit.  Our response, at Greenwood to God first loving us, is to love Him with all that we have and all that we are. Our entire relationship with God is founded in His love for us and our actionable, obedient love for Him.  Out of this love relationship with God through Christ, we intentionally pursue sacrificial love for each other and our community.  Our love for our Greenwood Family and our community will be based in practical action that shows compassion and meets real needs with the objective of bringing those we love into a genuine love relationship with God through personal faith in Christ so they too can find life worth living.


Jesus said that He came not to be served but to serve. The greatest in God’s Kingdom will be those who choose to serve others. This is the foundation of Greenwood – a servant’s heart.  Our commitment is to serve Christ and our community with the goal of making God known through the good deeds done in His name. God has blessed us as individuals with talents and gifts.  We will intentionally use the things we are good at to serve God and our neighbor.


The result of our commitment to loving and serving is to grow individually and as a Body of Christ followers.  Growth happens as we put love and service into action and stretch ourselves like an athlete training for the Games.  We are all a work in process being molded and shaped into the image of Christ.  We will consciously and purposefully pursue growth in our:

  • Knowledge of God and His Word,
  • Wisdom in applying it to life,
  • Gifts and talents, and
  • Numbers – people being added to God’s Kingdom and the Greenwood Family.  


All of the Loving, Serving, and Growing at Greenwood maintains a vision of oneness. We are ONE Body with many parts united in the Cross of Christ.  All that we do, we do together!