When you enter the building, be expected to be treated as family!  Come as you are!  We are confident that God has placed you here!

Our service will be a "blended" worship experience.  What that means, is that the music and songs will be a mix of contemporary and traditional styles.   We believe that our style of worship reflects a commitment to and celebrates the saving act of God through His son Jesus.

Our services will be Christ-centered and our prayer, is that this will transcend an individual's musical taste and preference.

Additionally, you will hear the Word of God spoken with passion and truth.   The words that you will hear are doctrinally sound and true.   Each sermon is based upon God's holy word (the Bible)

You will also be given a chance to give God back a portion to honor and glorify Him and thank Him for all the blessings he has bestowed.

We are a praying church.  During the worship service, you will be given a grand opportunity to reach out to God through prayer and supplication.   During this time in the service, we want you to talk to God and if need be, come down and have the church leadership pray for and over you.